There is multiple importance of the overhead crane in various industries like constructions, shipyards, steel, mining and several others. The main role of the crane is to lifting and moving heavy weight vehicle from one place to another. This is the major requirement in the industry as various industries have much heavy material and for that this crane is required. In this fast growing industries Crain place a major role has it helps for industrial growth and moreover it increase the competition in the market. As per eot crane manufacturer in Ahmedabad overhead crane should be kept safely because it requires a various security methodology. Experience person is required overhead crane because the methodology which is used to run this machine it’s very difficult. Working with this crane is slightly difficult so the person or the worker working under this machine or crane should be skilled and trained properly.


Overhead crane manufacturer

The company which makes this overhead crane is “Load mate”. Load mate is known for the prescribed work and quality work with the manufacturing of single and double girder crane. This load mate crane is made after very long research and dedication of the technical experts. This crane is manufactured after utilizing of ample of latest advanced technology which can help to lift a heavy load material.

Single Girder EOT crane

The EOT crane manufacturer in Ahmedabad designed the single girder EOT crane in such a way that it is heavy duty but of low maintenance. The construction of single eot crane it’s robust but as it has a capacity of occurring in less space hence the small area can be used with this machine to keep it and use it. The company manufactures the eot crane with the maximum capacity of 25 MT.


Double girder EOT crane

Double girder eot crane is of heavy duty and having highest capacity of 100MT. While installing the green screen pass through multiple quality check so that quality, performance and design. To make the crane a failure proof double girder eot crane designed in such a way that more than 50% torque of magnetic or hydraulic brakes are applied.


Different categories of double girder EOT crane

1. M3 - Light duty crane and it is mostly used in repair shops and buildings.

2. M5 - Machine shops and for general industries use.

3. M7 -This type of crane is used in heavy shop like steel mills, fabrication shops, steel warehouse,


4. M8 - Extra heavy-duty crane for especially for steel mills this is used.

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