When it comes to social media marketing, Facebook and Twitter are the two platforms we target the most. Out of the two, Twitter is most influential for many reasons. The tweets have the ability to convey the messages in a shorter number of words. If you do not know, the character limit per tweet on Twitter currently is 140 and people who are tweeting since years are used to this fact.

Many a time for digital marketers, it becomes a headache to cram up their words and adjust the words in the given limit. It is true that twitter believes and brevity and it speaks in brevity but at times the gist is not conveyed completely when you do not have sufficient word limit. If you talk about languages like Chinese, Japanese, these languages never crossed the limit of 140 characters and they always have the limit left with them. But for languages like English, Portuguese, French etc., people always fall short of the limit.


Twitter is a major platform for social media marketing. Today, there is a dire need for social media marketing as the social media handles of people are the most important assets. If you do not have a social media account for your business, this absolutely mean, you are falling short on your profit and there is much potential left to explore by way of social media.

Businesses who are already updating their twitter handle know the importance of the character limit and they are going through the tough task of cramming up their message into shorter ones so that they can be conveyed to the public.

Twitter has finally understood the 140 character trouble and is seriously doing something about it. It is heard that the character limit will go up to 280 words and businesses have more space to express themselves in front of people. Except for Japanese, Korean and Chinese all languages are facing the problem of less character limit and Twitter has decided to extend the character bar.

For now, it is only available to a smaller group of people and a trail round sort of is going on. Soon after the observations and findings, this extension will be available to everyone active on Twitter. Once Twitter collects data and feedback from the group who has been given the permission to scribble more, the limit will be extended for all.


The team believes that this move will have a positive impact on the Twitter users and it will help them to express themselves in a better way.

How will it help your social media marketing strategy?

Well, once Twitter finalises its decision to extend the character limit, the social media marketers will have more space to scribble on their twitter handle. The social media marketing in Ahmedabad too will change when this comes into force for everyone.


Now you have double the space you had for your adverts on Twitter. So it is the time when the digital marketing agencies should tighten their seat belts to add more effective words on the Twitter handle of their client.

It is rightly said that Twitter is all about brevity. When it was 140 words it was short and now when it will be 280 words which is double the limit, still it is short so you need to understand this and use the rest of limit very carefully.


Optimize in a beautiful way so that more and more people tweet and retweet it and the message is spread all over.

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